Teach Music 21C Certification
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Five-Module Certification Program

Teach Music 21C Certification makes it easier than ever for you to empower your music students in lifelong musical journeys. This five-module Certification program weaves together a groundbreaking combination of instructional must-haves to fulfill students' musical dreams. Music teacher participants will receive the Teach Music 21C Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

Topics for Exploration

Module 1: 21st Century Music Teaching

Module 2: Curriculum Models

Module 3: Two-way Communication

Module 4: Learning & Practicing Strategies

Module 5: Wrapping Things Up

Each module is one hour in duration.

Teach Music 21C Certification takes place online in a live and interactive setting.

Choose the Start Date that Works for You.

July Start​ (Mondays & Thursdays)

Module 1: Monday, July 8

Module 2: Thursday, July 11

Module 3: Monday, July 15

Module 4: Thursday, July 18

Module 5: Monday, July 22

All modules take place from 10-11 a.m. MST (Calgary time). Please check your local time zone for the time difference.  

August Start (Wed., Thur., Fri., Mon., Tues.)

Module 1: Wednesday, August 14

Module 2: Thursday, August 15

Module 3: Friday, August 16

Module 4: Monday, August 19

Module 5: Tuesday, August 20

All modules take place from 10-11 a.m. MST (Calgary time). Please check your local time zone for the time difference. 

October Start

Coming soon...

Teach Music 21C Certification Highlights

Better questions. Focus on what's meaningful. More flexibility.

Insights & inspirations. Working with real life students.

Increased student enrolment, engagement, & retention. ​

Lifelong Music Making

Inspire your students' future music making by sowing the seeds of meaningful musical exploration in students' present-day lessons.

21st Century Music Teaching Tools

Expand your music teaching skillset through up-to-date teaching tools and strategies anchored by 21st century values.

Dynamic Partnerships

Teach Music 21C Certification empowers you to create dynamic partnerships with your students. We believe the best way for you to create musical success is to build it with your students.

Change the Tone of Music Teaching

Elevate your teaching with Teach Music 21C Certification. Empower your students and bring genuine change to the future of music teaching.  

Register for Teach Music 21C Certification and start transforming your teaching - one lesson at a time.