Music Teacher Resources for You 

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music teacher resources

In this carefully curated collection of music teacher resources, you'll find podcasts, video presentations, and articles. These resources are specifically put together to meet the needs for all genres of music teachers - online, in-person, group, individual, vocal, instrumental, Suzuki, exam-based, and more. Teach Music 21C resources present a comprehensive view of topics important and relevant to today's music teachers. Please feel welcome to suggest any additional topics you want to see included in TM21C resources. Enjoy!

Resources for Practicing

These music teacher resources explore practicing from various viewpoints including psychology, neuroscience, and education research. 

Insight into Curriculum

The following resources present various new ways to consider curriculum explorations appropriate for 21st century music teachers.  

Times have Changed

These article resources provide background for the development of Teach Music 21C. Each music teacher article is only a few pages.

Resources for Inspiration

Check out the following resources for music teachers that get to the heart of the matter. We facilitate personally and socially meaningful explorations. 

Two-Way Communication

Music teachers' communication and interactions with their students matter a great deal. These resources examine and promote two-way street communication. 

Music Teaching Philosophy

21st century resources that look at the philosophy of music teaching. 

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