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Merlin B. Thompson: Founder & Creator

Music teacher, pianist, author, and speaker with over forty years piano teaching experience, Merlin B. Thompson (PhD, MA, BMus) is a leading authority on studio music teaching. Merlin has worked with hundreds of children, their parents, and teachers in workshops, institutes, conferences, established programs, and mentorships online and in-person across Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Finland,  Brazil, and Japan. He is author of "More than Music Lessons: A Studio Teacher's Guide to Parents, Practicing, Projects, and Character" and "Fundamentals of Piano Pedagogy: Fuelling Authentic Student Musicians from the Beginning". His music teaching approach integrates musical, philosophical, educational, sociological, and historical components. 

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Shu-Yi Scott: Executive Team Leader

Music teacher, cellist, workshop specialist, and parent, Shu-Yi Scott (DMA, MM) has over thirty years experience as cello instructor. She has given master classes, seminars, and performances across USA, Taipei, Shanghai, Mexico, Europe, and online. She completed her DMA in cello performance at the University of Austin under renowned pedagogue Ms. Phyllis Young. She completed her MM in cello performance at Penn State University under Dr. Kim Cook.  Through her music teaching studio, Shu-Yi teaches over twenty cello students ages three to eighteen, from beginner to advanced high school cellists. Her music teaching expertise and patience helps students from all musical backgrounds excel.  She uses her knowledge of child development to creatively target the needs of her students, keeping them motivated and growing. As a dedicated music teacher, her private lessons, group class offerings, and parent education nights help to foster a community of  lifelong musicians. To visit Shu-Yi's website, click here.

Paul McGlinchey: Community Development

Music teacher, pianist, vocal coach, music director, composer, songwriter, and arranger, Paul McGlinchey has been involved in educational and community musical theatre (especially with youth theatres) since 1981. An experienced private music studio instructor, Paul has maintained a private voice and piano studio since 2001. He is enchanted with the conviction that there are infinite possibilities in music as a craft and as an art; it seems that the whole world of feeling and experience can be expressed through music. He wants to engage in music's infinite possibilities with players and educators who might have a similar vision. At Chapman University in Orange, California, Paul studied piano performance with Dr. Joseph Matthews, composition with William Craft, and music analysis with Dr. Michael Martin and Dr. Margery Enix . He continues to learn, practice, perform, and teach in Edmonton, Alberta. To visit Paul's websiteclick here.

Connie Harmon Bell: Social Media Liaison

Music teacher, pianist, parent and grandparent, Connie Harmon Bell has 40 years piano teaching experience. She has taught teachers and students at many workshops, but her first love is teaching one-on-one in the piano studio. Hundreds of students, ranging from ages 4-18, as well as several adult students, have been her daily treasures. Her degrees in Early Childhood Education and Family Life Science, as well as her many years of piano study, have richly benefited her piano students. She has studied with Dr. Merlin Thompson, Dr. Elaine Worley, Dr. Karlyn Brett. Through her training and teaching experience she has learned to focus on individual students, meeting them where they are and as they are when they walk through the door. She has an Associates degree and BA degree from Brigham Young University. 

Lorrie Merrell: Student Narratives

Music teacher and pianist Lorrie Merrell has been teaching through her private piano studio for over forty years. She studied piano performance at the University of Utah where she received a Bachelor of Music degree. She has taught in many workshops across the USA and Canada and is an active participant in continuing music education. Her goal is to foster a lifelong interest and love of music that will enrich students' lives now and in their future.

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