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Here's the Teach Music 21C Back Story

21st Century Teaching Tools 

For over forty years, we've asked the question: "How can music teachers teach so that music making becomes a long lasting experience in every music students' life?" Not just for ideal students, but for all students no matter their aspirations. Now at Teach Music 21C, we're ready to share what we've learned with music teachers everywhere. We're certain that when teachers use our 21st century teaching tools, they teach better. Welcome to Teach Music 21C.

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Times have Changed 

Traditional "old school" master/apprentice music teaching seriously needs to be updated. That's because what worked twenty years ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago may no longer resonate with today's music students. Teach Music 21C focuses on 21st century teaching tools and strategies that empower music teachers to look and sound different from previous generations.


Researching, developing, and implementing our 21st century tools and strategies didn't happen overnight. The Teach Music 21C development timeline involved over four decades of testing things out, throwing out what didn't work, and refining things that did. We learned that certain types of progress can only be determined after a decade or more of implementation. Patience, persistence, and reflection are absolutely necessary given that progress occurs over time not overnight.

music teachers, music instruments

Gimmicks, Trends, & Terminology

At Teach Music 21C, we stay away from gimmicks and fads. We test out the latest popular teaching trends for their reliability and sustainability. Also, because we're attentive to the language we use, you won't find the academic terminology of "co-constructivism" or "flipped classroom". Our 21st century teaching tools and strategies are easy to understand and implement in everyday life.

At Issue 

There's a thorny issue that has shadowed music teachers for decades. Namely, that the vast majority of young people who take music lessons during their childhood never participate in music making activities once they reach adulthood. It's the equivalent of making regular deposits in the bank and subsequently leaving them to disintegrate after years of investment. At Teach Music 21C, we're determined to overturn this unfortunate outcome with practical and inspirational 21st century strategies. 

Real Life Students 

Our students have diverse aspirations, personal backdrops, and real life characteristics. Some students are young. Some old. Some learn quickly, some learn slowly. There are introverts and extroverts. Some students have lots of time to practice. Some students encounter many obstacles. Adaptability is a key component of Teach Music 21C.

music teachers, music instruments

Our Mission

We're excited about changing the tone of music teaching. By sharing our 21st century tools and strategies with today's music teachers, here at Teach Music 21C, we look forward to a future where learning to sing or play a musical instrument results in music making that lasts a lifetime. Please consider joining us in our mission to change the music teaching world - one lesson at a time. 

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